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Arrived today . . . !

I am pleased to report that our TCS Automotive Program has received its first auto donation - a 1998 Land Rover Discovery.  This Land Rover's lucky owners have the great fortune of heading to Spain for a sabbatical year of study, and they decided to donate the old Rover and replace it when they get home.

I certainly appreciate their thinking of us, and the work we are doing for young people with challenges. The opening of our TCS Auto school is truly a long-standing dream come true for me.  Even though school districts and state agencies are covering the tuition we still have other un-covered costs.  Like most schools, we'll look to grants and donors to fill the gaps.

Cars like this may be sold to raise money for scholarships and other support, or they may be dismantled and turned into teaching materials.  This particular Rover still has a lot of life left, so it will be put up for sale.  We've actually already had a family ask about buying it, for one of their kids!

The TCS Auto Program is a satellite campus of Tri County Schools, part of Northeast Center for Youth and Families of Easthampton, MA. NCYF is a private nonprofit corporation serving young people and families with emotional and developmental challenges.  The TCS Auto Program is located in John Elder Robison's Springfield Automotive Complex right next to Robison Service.  John is an adult with autism, a bestselling author, an advocate for young people with differences, and one of the visionaries behind this school program.  He's also the founder of J E Robison Service, a company that repairs and restores high-end automobiles for collectors and enthusiasts. 

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Gabriel Nathan said...

Congratulations on your first auto donation-- what a beauty!

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