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How to reset the service reminder on late model Land Rovers

To reset the service reminder on Land Rover

This tip comes from Geoff Kelly in the UK . . .

1. Insert key in ignition.
2. Press AND HOLD the trip reset button.
3. While still pressing the trip reset button, turn on the ignition. DO NOT START THE ENGINE. Just turn the ignition on.
4. Keep pressed the trip reset button until word "Service" will flash on the instrument cluster. (about 5 seconds).
5. After a while (no more than 5 seconds) the word "Service" will remain on.
6. Release the reset button.
7. Now, by pressing the reset button, the words DIST, DATE and END are cycled on display.
8. If you want to reset the service distance, cycle until DIST is shown. If you want to reset the time-to-service, cycle until DATE is shown.
9. When the desired item is selected, press and KEEP pressed the reset button until the word RESET is shown.
Do this for both items or only for the one you desire. (I've did it only for time)
10. When you've done, cycle until END appears and then press and HOLD reset button until the display will now show the current (and newly reset) distance and time until next inspection.
11. Turn off the ignition.
12. All done!


Lazziblogger said...

I love the internet. Thank you. My dealer wanted to charge me $250 to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
It worked for me on my 2008 Land Rover LR2.

deacon said...

that's fine for a 2010 but what about a 2011 lr 2 that has no key

recovering zombie said...

Did not work with my 2007 LR3

Mark White said...

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Kathryn McRae said...

Thank You so much for this. I do appreciate your time and effort.

Unknown said...

None of the service shops that I went to could do it!! Thanks Google & Geoff Kelly.

All American said...

Won't work for a 2013 LR4 in they US so it's back to the dealer. They forgot to reset it after they serviced it and I was hoping to avoid the return trip. Thanks for all your great advice on all LR issues in any case!

Emma Eme said...

Thank you very much. Worked perfectly for my 2008 LR2. RESET info at "END" says 19500km and 365 days. Thanks Google, thanks Geoff Kelly, thanks blogger, and thanks internet.

Mr. Napa said...

Worked like a charm on my '08 LR2. Thank you!!

Goran Mosurovic said...

I did that on freelander 2 2011 but oil service light still to reset it?

Goran Mosurovic said...

I did that on freelander 2 2011 but oil service light still to reset it?

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