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Here are a few of the cars at Robison Service this fall day . . . .

We've got a Bentley Continental at the end of restoration, waiting on stereo:

Here's a Mercedes with a fried transmission, waiting for some new gears

This Turbo R just arrived to be prepped for painting:

Mercedes G Wagens are rare anytime, but we have two of them here today, a green grey market truck and a black US model:

A Mercedes waits its turn . .

Land Rover master tech Paul Ferreira puts brakes on a Supercharged Range Rover:

Master Tech Bud Orlich puts a door frame into a vintage Rolls Royce

At the same time, a diesel Beetle gets a new turbocharger:

Bosch Master Bob Toti sorts out a tail gate latch in a 2006 BMW wagon. This car proved highly resistant to repair but we prevailed in the end

Jon Miglitz is swapping cam cover gaskets on this Mercedes

This is a neat project. It's a 1973 BMW 2002 that's here for total mechanical restoration and paint and interior. This is going to be better than new when it's done . . .

This one was a little too far gone, and we sold it on eBay for $203:

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Eric said...

German cars are cool, but nothing replaces British machinery. Great pics John.

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