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Land Rover electrics have come a long way since the first Range Rovers made their way to North America in 1987.  I was one of the first to be working on those rigs, and I marveled at what an improvement they were in civility and function from the Series trucks they (sort of) replaced.

Those first trucks didn't have anything you couldn't fix with a test light and a meter, but that changed pretty quickly.

By 1995 we had SRS (airbags), traction control, and electronic ride control.  Then we got the P38 Range Rover, and a whole new test system - the Testbook - based on an HP computer.

The successor to that series - the L322 Range Rover - came with CAN Bus technology, and a host of electronics from then-parent BMW.  That came with another test system - T4.

Then Ford took over, and brought us the IDS test system.

Now it's Tata and more complexity than anyone could have imagined, back in 1987.

We've seen four corporate owners, but Bosch technology has remained a constant.  As one of the top-ranked Bosch Car Service shops in North America we've built a reputation as the shop of last resort when Rover troubles seem insoluble.

Through all those changes one thing has stayed the same - it still breaks, and we fix it all!  That includes all the new stuff - iPhone integration, software updates, key programming, and more.

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