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A Lotus Seven Comes Calling

We see a lot of unique cars here at Robison Service but some are more unique than others.  This is a repro Lotus Seven that arrived spitting, kicking, and barely running.  Under the hood we found a Ford engine with an old analog fuel injection system.  We swapped that for a new digital competition setup, and this Lotus really screams!

In these images you can see our technician making final adjustments with a laptop computer and cable. 

Can we build one for you?


John Elder Robison is the founder of J E Robison Service Co of Springfield, MA. Robison Service specializes in the repair and restoration of RR/B motorcars.  John is also known as an author and advocate for people with autism and neurological differences.  His books include Look Me in the Eye, Be Different, and Raising Cubby. John has also written numerous articles on Rolls Royce service and repair, and he’s a frequent contributor to the RROC technical forums and he’s always available to advise owners by email or phone.  413-785-1665

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