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Two winners at this year's Newport Car Show!

I'm pleased to present two winners from the Robison Service contingent at yesterday's Newport Car Show, which has been held at Portsmouth Abbey every Father's Day since I was born.   We've attended this show for most of my son's life; in fact there is a story about brining Chairman Mao's Mercedes here in my book Raising Cubby.

The first winner is no surprise - Gene Cassidy's Silver Spur was the runner-up in the Rolls-Royce/Bentley class.

Immediately after that, John Rando's stunning 1963 Continental convertible was named the hands-down winner of the Lincoln class.  This car - with its unique leather and wool interior - was one of the hits of its corner of the show.

The coachwork on this car drew a crowd from the moment we parked it till we pulled out to join the winner's procession.

For those of you who weren't there, here's what it looked like:

This car came to us with the typical Lincoln vinyl and synthetic carpet.  We replaced that with fine leather for all the seats and doors, and put Wilton wool carpets on the floor, topped by Wilton mats and handmade sheepskin overlays.  It's truly unique.

Here are a few images of the other cars in the show:

The show is held on the grounds of the Abbey, overlooking the sailboats in the bay.

There's a mix of domestic and foreign cars at this show


This Ferrari was a late arrival with Montana license plates

The '49 coupe on the left was the well-deserved winner of the Cadillac class.  The car to the right was pretty sharp, too

Here we are lined up as they call winners . . .

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