Monday, April 6, 2009

The Indians are coming

I spent most of today working on my upcoming book on Indian Motocycle and its founders. I'll post more on that soon, but for now I'll share a few images from Springfield's Indian Museum, scheduled to open in October 2009.

Here's one of th exhibits - a Scout ridden by famed stunt rider Louise Scherbyn, founder of the Women's International Motorcycle Association

Here's another Scout, this one owned by museum founder Esta Manthos:

This is a shaft drive prototype Indian developed for the War Department in 1942. Unfortunately, the Army chose Jeeps instead and Indian never developed this concept for the civilian market.

Here's another Scout:

And a close up of the carburetor, circa 1930

I took the photos above during December and January. In addition to my own images, I have thousands of old images from the Indian archives. Here are a few of those:


FZ1_Boone said...

GREAT pictures!!! As a motorcycle enthusiast myself, I'm also a big fan of Indian Motorcycles... It's a shame that the company went the direction that it did.

Have you ever thought about going to the museum at Skip Barber track? I think you'd enjoy the history he has on display:

Kanani said...

This is much more my speed John! Great blog, loads of fun. Yes, another dimension to you --this is fun.

John Elder Robison said...

I looked at that Skip Barber link. That's quite a place. Our Indian museum is very different . . . it's more open with more descriptive information.

I'd love to stop by when I'm in Alabama. I had no idea it was there. Thanks for posting that.

And Kanani . . . it is a change. What about you and the fashion stuff? Did Mercedes keep going on that fashion thing for 2010?

Thomas Thomas said...

looking forward to the book!